Chilis-karaoke-homePeople That Love Karaoke: frequently attend karaoke shows, love to sing,

People That Tolerate Karaoke: Don’t sing, but don’t mind the show

People That Hate Karaoke: Usually finish their drinks and leave before the second singer takes the mic

ASAP Entertainment takes measures to please all three!

chilis-staffPeople That Love Karaoke love us because:

  • Our hosts are not egomaniacs. We don’t treat the show like our own concert. We sing only a couple of songs per night
  • Everyone gets the same opportunity to sing, we do not play favorites or bring our friends up to sing  more often than others.
  • We provide a great selection of karaoke music in smartly formatted, easy to read books. We have multiple versions of the more popular songs to give the singer exactly what they are looking for.
  • If we are missing a song that a customer wants, we will get it for them,usually within a week.
  • We use Mackie DFX6 microphone mixers to enhance the voice of the singer, add reverb, bring down the highs or bring up the lows. We have the right equipment to make even the least experienced singer, sound like a star!

People That Tolerate Or Hate Karaoke love us because:

  • The equipment we use at every show is a fully outfitted DJ system. This means there are no awkward pauses (dead air) between songs.  We take requests and play popular upbeat, music between every singer. Our wide selection of regular, non-karaoke music includes all the current hits & dance mixes and favorites from the past.
  • We’ll occasionally take breaks from karaoke and play music for dancing. To help set the atmosphere for singing and dancing, we bring a set of four colored stage lights that keep time with the music.
  • We constantly monitor and adjust the sound levels of both singer and music, as to not distract the folks that are there to just hang out and talk.


Some of today’s songs contain lyrics that a few people may find objectionable.

Chili’s  Karaoke is the only Chicago karaoke company to institute a new music rating system, to avoid offending customers with inappropriate music.

The ratings are as follows:

G – Appropriate for all ages
PG – Contains some mild language that may be deemed inappropriate for some people.
R – Contains the big ” F” word.
@ – Contains Sexual content

For Booking Information – Call 708-388-7236