About Us


ASAP Entertainment – Chicago’s first choice for Wedding DJs, Karaoke, and Trivia Hosts – was born under the name Big River Audio in 1982 in Moline, IL.

Ron Larson had just graduated from Hamilton Technical College where he studied radio and TV broadcasting, and was a DJ at KWNT in Davenport, IA. He moved to Chicago in 1984 and the company became A.S.A.P. Entertainment (All Sound and Production).

Ron and his wife run the business together, comprised of a wonderful team of fourteen DJs, including their son, who is in his last year at Northern Illinois and has been running DJ/Karaoke shows since he was eighteen.  Ron’s favorite part of the business is meeting and entertaining new people.


With more than 30 years of experience in the business, Ron Larson has worked with all types of media, from carrying crates of records and cassette tapes, to CDs and, ultimately, our custom-built computerized DJ consoles. At ASAP Entertainment, we embrace the advancements in technology and adopt new recording media as it becomes available.

Ron firmly believes that being a talented DJ comes from years of experience and thorough training, “Individuals today will call themselves DJs just because they have a laptop with 100,000 songs on it.  You can have every song ever recorded, but it does no good if you don’t know when to play a particular song, or type of music.  A DJ must have the personality to motivate and entertain the audience.”  At ASAP Entertainment, we take pride in the talent and professionalism of our staff.